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Now, private practices of any size can benefit from the exceptional image quality, speed and flexibility of a Fujifilm Computed Radiography system. Fujifilm, the inventor and world’s leading manufacturer of digital x-ray, has designed two hospital-quality Fujifilm Computed Radiography (FCR) systems especially for private practices. The FCR XL-2 and FCR XC-2 give you all the advantages of digital x-ray and more. • Benefits include virtual elimination of repeat exams and lost films, lower storage and management costs plus more options to enhance images. • Fujifilm’s proven technology optimizes images for display with software that meets the specific needs of private practices. Anatomical menus can be customized for a wide range of procedures. Images have excellent soft-tissue detail. And special features such as Auto Stitching software streamline more labor-intensive exams, like scoliosis and long-leg exams. • FCR systems have proven to be day-in day-out reliable, thanks to exceptional product design features and built-in redundancy that prevents issues before they occur. In fact, you can expect an uptime of over 99%. As for durability, FCR systems are well-known for their long and productive lifespans.



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